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November 25th, 2003 · 1 Comment

the number of strange, thought-provoking dreams i have had in the past month has increased tenfold. soul-searching in my sleep, each one with a new idea or a twist on an old idea. each one vivid, incredibly real, strange and evocative. i’ve opened up a whole seperate journal just to track them….to try and see the pattern in my random thoughts. i have observations on each dream individually….and somethings are beginning to show themselves as reoccurring themes.

last day of school before thanksgiving break. normally… i don’t even like thanksgiving. it involves eating large quantities of food that i’m not hugely fond of (ie potato salad, stuffing, turkey, etc) and a lot of socializing with relatives that i don’t like and the feeling is mutual. especially on peter’s side of the family. but this thanksgiving is different. i’m leaving for chicago (which is exciting in and of itself, despite the INSANE cold) and going to see my dad (also exciting in and of itself) and it’s pretty much just going to be a holiday, with no required eating of large quantities of tradition thanksgiving fare (my dad doesn’t cook, and if he does, it’s ethnic). and no required socializing with people i don’t enjoy…rather quite the opposite: socializing with all his fairly intelligent, fun, interesting gay friends, all of whom pretty much treat me like a beloved niece. i will miss seeing harry and gary and steve–they are my favorites. but they live in tx, so no such luck. i’m excited to meet his new friends. they sound very interesting so far.

there will be visiting of museums and talking about the usual: everything from sex to drugs to the future to psychology and personal growth to religion and energy and neurobiology and my dad’s conspiracy theories. i’m super excited.

speaking of the last day of class: i should go. i’ve been fairly good, in that i have managed to atttend most every anth class since coming back, all my french classes (though i was GRATEFUL for the 2wk break due to prof going to egypt) and most all of science. psychology is still hurting, but i have thanksgiving to catch up on that. my dad could probably even help.

love to you all,


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  • 1 linecipher // Nov 26, 2003 at 1:49 am

    just wait.
    it makes more and less sense . hehe

    : D

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