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November 20th, 2003 · 1 Comment

school school school. only a few weeks left. that’s really all i can think about it right now.

had an interesting time last night, and another Paris-on-the-Platte kind of evening. this makes twice in the space of three days. i just need to move north a little.

i’d kind of like to throw a housewarming party…but. well. the one i had tentatively planned for the gaming group fri has now been cancelled out because Will (for whom my feelings are less than fond at best anyways) won some sort of free party at RumBay. Well guess i won’t be attending…since Rum Bay is strictly 21+, and instead of coming over the whole group will be going out to party. i told brett he should go, and i think he wants to. i’m sure if i was of age he’d go in a heartbeat…but. i would bet good money he stays home anyways. i’m not sure which makes me feel worse…the prospect of staying home by myself on the night i was going to throw a little fĂȘte…or having him stay home with me to keep me company because i can’t go. i’m ready to be older. it’s not like being only 19 is doing me any good anyways. whine whine whine…i know. serving my time.

speaking of which, i need glasses, as discovered the other day at the eyedoctor. i got all excited because a) this means not so many raccoon headaches from having blunted vision all day long, and b)i have secretly always thought glasses–and most anyone behind them–are way sexy. so i called the health ins company (which is through my mom because i’m a student and under 25) and oh by the way… mom dropped vision coverage in 2001 (although, she’d never really mentioned that to me, per se). this means that the full feels of whatever happened at that eye doctor are now My responsibility, because i had no ins coverage at the time of the visit. not to mention, anything i get in the way of glasses will be my problem to pay for as well. lovely.

other than that…little of import. had a fun little lession in 3-D pencil sketching last night. i’m dealing with some things that i wish i wasn’t…it’s ok, i guess. i need to sooner or later. i just need to rethink the important things again. and i need to remember to let the unimportant ones not matter so hard to me. lucky me: i know what i need to ask for. now it’s just a matter of who and how.


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  • 1 vsarto // Nov 20, 2003 at 7:10 pm


    I hate wearing glasses…even if mine are posh Valentino ones with a relatively weak prescription. The lenses are weak…I think 0.5 or something, but I think I’m not probably at 1.0. The power point slides and stuff during my lectures are now getting pretty blurry. Without glasses, people’s faces are blurry from as close as 7 feet away. I end up squinting to see if the girls I walk by are cute or not. Heh. There is no way I’m wearing contacts too. Maybe I should start wearing my glasses more often.

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