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April 16th, 2003 · 1 Comment

somedays. not yesterday. stressed to the point of a teary emotional breakdown and exhausted beyond belief. thanks mostly due to work, and then also some due to an oral presentation i was supposed to make at 2pm today. then also a bit due to an imp of a cat, no solid sleep more than 5 hours for quite some time, being flat broke and having no milk for my hot tea.

today however. i was a convincing enough liar to fake sick and call into work(aaakbadkarma). and then slept in and had myself massive quantities of cuddling et al, with a periodic break to prevent the cat from her mischevious doings (mostly chewing on everything in sight, but then also her latest hobby is consuming earrings. a lack of metallic minerals in her diet? who knows.) but all in all not a bad morning. had a cherry clove cigarrette, and decided that any smoking outside the context of coffee is just really not all that appealing (except the whole smoke-kiss thing). especially then because my mouth felt all stale-cigarrettish until my nutritious popcorn and cinnamon roll lunch. worked like a fiend on this silly presentation, calmed my mind, did yogic calming breath excercises and marched towards my fate at 2003 columbine hall to meet my prof and show how much i had Not been working on this. as good fortune would have it, she did not show up. at all. waited around fifteen minutes, composed a nice “I Was Here” note and left a message to reschedule for 2 weeks from today since i’m out of town next week. and then ran just in case the fates changed their minds, as they are wont to do at the least convenient moment possible.

hoorah. yesterday was an almost complete loss, except for me filing my taxes and getting one hundred smackeroos more than i’d expected back from dear uncle sam. hoorah. this clearly means THE ALMIGHTY HERSELF wants me to go buy headphones.

meanwhile, i think it’s a meditate-in-the-park kinda day until bloody photography class which i am obligated to attend grr. at any rate. hoorah for things working out well for me. and hoorah for things that stay going right. yeah. especially that one.


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  • 1 thelastaurora // Apr 16, 2003 at 2:10 pm

    Sorry about all the crappy stuff goin on. Hopefully the fates will keep smiling on you for the good stuff.

    Sounds like a day off will do you some good :)

    Miss ya while you’re in Missouri.

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