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Dear Chicago

April 26th, 2014 · No Comments

I remember when I first fell in love with you. I’d come to visit my Dad, who was living out here at the time, and it was like coming home, even though I’d never seen you before. Maybe we were friends in a past life, who knows. But for whatever reason, I felt so connected to you from the start.

In a few days, we part ways, for good as a resident.  For a while as a visitor, at least. But I want you to know, it’s not you, it’s me. It’s my life…it’s the nature of life. This human existence is so transient.  Yesterday I found myself, by chance, standing outside the place where I first lived. It was a cute little blue three-flat with red and white trim, and a little dog by the address. 3228 N Clifton. It was gone. It’d been torn down, replaced by some innocuous-looking greystone building. Very modern. For me, a little sad. It was just a tangible reminder that the things and places we love are here for a flash and then gone without a trace. And, so are we.  So I stood on the street and cried a little. I am sad to be leaving this place I love, this place that has loved me so.

Here I’ve grown up. Here is the town that watched me go from a spunky little 20 year old, to a woman, wife and mother of two. This town has offered me vibrance, opportunity, heartbreaking disappointment, joy, sweat, tears, and a host of experiences that are now woven into the core of my being as snippets of memories – sight, sound, smell, touch, feeling. In this place I’ve met and loved the most incredible friends a girl could ever ask for. People who have changed who I am as a person, and loved me back, flaws and all.

How do I begin to let this place, these wonderful people, slip out of my life? Right now, I’m so many emotions, all mixed up in one bundle.





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