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PS. You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.

February 3rd, 2013 · No Comments

On February 1st, 2001, I started my online journal.  It’s moved twice, and seen great increases and decreases in activity, but nevertheless…

I have been blogging for almost half my life.

Here’s the first entry, from my old phoenixdragon livejournal account. Don’t laugh, I was 16. A Dragon is Born…

One of the first entries in the journal is a massive to-do list.  I read through it and was totally amused by how much I still do some things, and how much some things really don’t matter anymore.  So, a fun revisiting:

Hannah’s To-Do (2001/2012)

Write grandmother – Probably done. Also, no more doing this, she died. :(
Write a thank you note to pxj’s house – Probably done.
Write my invisible man paper – Well, I graduated.
Own Grosse Point Blank – Done.
Finish covering my god-awful wall – Partially done/cancelled since I don’t live with my parents anymore.
Clean my bathroom – Still to do.
Clean my room – Still to do.
Get rid of my junk – WIP.
Reach enlightenment – WIP.
Read my awakening to the spiritual book – Done.
Own portishead cd – Done, but what’s a CD anymore?
Own boards of Canada cd – See above.
Send pictures to relatives – Still to-do.
Restore my legs to their original, moisturized state – Don’t care anymore.
Move – God, I hope not.
Get some tape – Uh, done?
Remember the whole “source of infinite light” thing when mad at family – WIP…
Write a book – Nope.
Write some short fiction for independent study – Probably done.
Read my 15 unread new Yorkers – Now, unread The Economist & Runner’s Worlds…
Awaken my soul – WIP.
Finish 1984 – George Orwell, I have nothing to prove to you.
Shave my legs – Don’t care.
Vacuum floor, once visible – Still to-do.
Take a class to become a dj – Learned without a class, thanks.
Get healthy – Still to-do.
Balance my checkbook – WIP.
Quit spending so goddamn much – WIP.
See crouching tiger hidden dragon – Done.
Write my friend from 6th grade – Probably done? Couldn’t verify, though, we lost touch.
Figure out what to do with my life for the next year – WIP.
Live – Doing my best, here. :)
Finish my Christmas presents from last year and give them out – Ack! I still do this!
Find out info on living expenses – Oh boy, did I find info.
Quit writing this list and do stuff on it – Well, I’m rewriting the list 12 years later, what do you think?
Study for my test on the awakening – Again, I did graduate. I still <3 that book.
Read my French book – Probably still to-do, I have 5-6 unfinished french books that I can’t bring myself to part with. I’ll do it someday.
Buy a roll of butcher paper. – Hey, done!
Get reincarnated as a pixie. – Still to-do.
Visit the dentist – Still to-do :(
Make peace with my stepdad – Done, sort of.
Something randomly nice for someone – Always to-do!
Get/make baby gift for mom – Melissa now 11. I think this ship has sailed.
Get my shit together—deadline till mama’s d-day, 6 mos and counting – Still to do…
Give peter back his pen that I thought was mine – Kept the fucking pen.
Have a celebrate john cusack night. – Still to-do?
Tan – Don’t care.
Move somewhere hotter – Done. Also colder. Brrr, Chicago.
Write my friends in france – Possibly done?
Call friends and reschedule dinner – New friends, new dinners.
Clean out closet – Still to-do.
Finish wall of cds – Never finished.
Learn html – Done
Learn polish – Nope.
Learn Spanish – Sortof.
Learn Italian – Nope.
Paint my toes – Done, done again.
Acquire a Spanish lover – No, and I think Aaron would frown on that at this point.
Go to a concert – Done – Alanis Morisette, 2004.
finish my todo list – Never. I will stop making to-do lists when I’m dead.

Hannah of 16, you’re come a long way, baby.


Hannah, 28

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