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Why Europe is Awesome, a short list

November 30th, 2012 · No Comments

I am traveling to Berlin for work and SO excited to be here.  I would, in a heartbeat, take a job at this office.  Someday, someday…

Here is my list:

1. FOOD.  I think it goes without saying that the food here is so vastly superior to what passes as fit for human consumption in the US.  The cheese, the meat, the coffee.  Just being in a culture that prioritizes food over what is the very cheapest crap we can subsist on is so huge.  Everything is delicious.  I feel bad for people from the Berlin office who have to visit the US offices.

2. Multiple languages everywhere.  How just about everyone here speaks at least 2 languages with some passable competence.  Today I ordered a sandwich in a cafe, in English (because I speak no German, alas…:().  The guy behind me ordered in French.  The woman behind the counter – bless her – took both of our orders without blinking.

3. German efficiency.  Okay, cliche, sure.  But some things here are just so damn efficient.  Like how I have to put my hotel key card into a small holder near the light switch for the lights to turn on or off. Now, I also never misplace my card in my room. Or how the coat check at the opera was staffed and organized so well that it took about 10 min to clear out the whole building, in coats.  Amazing.

4. Cigarettes in vending machines.  All the pleasure, none of the guilt. Or translation issues.  Or having anyone in line behind me while I try to figure out what unfamiliar pack I’d like, thanks.

5. Did I mention the food?

Yeah. :)  Tomorrow to Kriskindle markets, Checkpoint Charlie, and more.



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