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Thanksgiving 2012

November 22nd, 2012 · No Comments

Hi, journal, old friend.  Happy Thanksgiving.  Hi, future self possibly reading this.  Remember to be grateful for the things you do, too. :)

This holiday season has been a little lonely.  I actually wished I could go home, just it’s too much hassle and stress.  If it didn’t mean a bunch of family drama about who got an hour more of time, I would have been inclined to buy tickets on a whim.  Oh well.

So, I was feeling blue and sad and generally un-holiday-like.  But, I took some time to clean the kitchen, living room, and turned on some holiday jazz music.  Now I feel better.  Because you make your own happiness.

Ari and Aaron are making biscotti, and I’ve been invited to go see them.  <3


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