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Am I who I thought I was?

August 14th, 2012 · No Comments

I jokingly posted to FB today that I’m starting to wonder if I really am an introvert.  It was tongue-in-cheek – of course an introvert does not get lonely after 3 days of solitude.  But yet, it did give me a minute of pause.  I do think I have outgrown some of my introversion…is that even possible?  Perhaps I was just a socially awkward extrovert and now I am less awkward?

Hard to say. Either way – almost midnight on a night when you know you will have to be up early finishing up people’s stupid presentations and making them look much nicer than they deserve to look for trying to cram a 14″ picture and 5 full paragraphs of text onto one slide.  Not a good idea at all.



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