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Musings on the new family unit

January 15th, 2012 · No Comments

Life is settling in a bit, as the new family normalizes.  Ari has been a champion in this process.  She is so helpful and sweet.  She clearly adores Knox…he’s the first thing she asks about in the morning, and she is constantly wanting to do things for him.  She’s a little imperious about his needs, sometimes, even. :)  “Maybe we should feed him.”  “Maybe he needs his pacifier.”  “May I get his diaper.” (This last always phrased as a statement, not a question.)

I took her out for an adventure, and we were sitting at Corner Bakery – me with my coffee and her with a muffin, as is our custom.  I was watching her eat, and I thought to myself…I should engage her in conversation more.  So I asked her if she was happy.  And she said yes.  Then I asked her what was the thing that made her most happy.  Her answer?  “My brother.”  Melt my motherly heart.  What a sweet kid she is.

This week our adventure was a trip to the movie theater.  First time!  We saw Beauty and the Beast in 3D.  This was one of my favorite movies as a kid…indeed it’s 20 years old now, so it would have come out when I was 7.  So weird.  But, fun to share with her, and she enjoyed the special movie, with popcorn – at her request. It was really nice to just get a chance to spend time with just her, since the past few weeks I have been unavailable for various reasons…sick, visiting family, incredibly pregnant…etc.

Knox is an adorable bundle of baby.  He spends, as most his age do, 90% of the time sleeping.  But, I love the wakeful moments, and even the sleepy ones.  He seems to really like to be held – of course.  :)  But he pretty much has no shortage of volunteers.  I’m glad we got a Moby wrap…I can already tell that’s going to be an essential investment.  I don’t even feel like I’m doing it correctly, yet, but it is still extremely helpful, albeit a little awkward.  I hope to improve with practice.

I look at him, and I could swear he’s already getting bigger.  Indeed, the first visit to the pediatrician confirmed this…already surpassing his birth weight at 1 week when he wasn’t even due to break even until 2 weeks old.  Only 10 days old and he already looks like he’s grown… Clearly, this is going to go way too fast. Probably moreso considering he is my last baby, and I have such limited time with him, with returning to work in 8 weeks. :( I am trying not to think too hard about that. I’m sure it will be really hard.

I’m so thrilled to have a little boy.  I looked at Ari this morning and told her she was my favorite daughter…something I’ll now always be able to say. I think he has my nose.  I can tell.  It’s not the same upturned nose Ari had, but more straight.  Otherwise, his looks are still somewhat ambiguous, I think.  He has finer hair than Ari did, and less of it, Aaron’s eyes (both kids do), and a funny little wrinkled forehead.  He often elicits a “little old man” comparison…cute, though.

I like to watch the way Aaron & Ari interact with Knox, and even with each other.  This morning, Aaron laid on the couch while Ari snuggled up to him and dutifully applied about 9 stickers to the side of his face.  Then took a picture. He’s a great dad, truly. Small moments like watching Aaron look at Knox, or seeing Ari “read baby Knox a story.” She always calls him “baby Knox” – like baby is his official title.  It’s catching, and I find myself referring to him that way, too.  Hope he doesn’t mind that at age 16.

All in all, I am so happy with my little family.  I love my children so much, it feels unreal sometimes.  And, contrary to my concern, I don’t seem to have a problem splitting love between them, or with developing a favorite child.  Whew!  I was worried that it would somehow work that way, but thankfully, it very naturally does not. Also, I have the most incredible husband. As life mates go, I have won the lottery. :)



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